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Names for this village include:  Kaneau, Kano, Kubanskaya, Kubanskoye, Neu-Kano, Novo-Kano, Solyenaya Kuba and Kana.  Following the 1941 deportation of the Volga Germans, Kana kept its name.




Kana village records available:

The Personal Book of Kana village contains information on Kana families (births, deaths, family composition) for the years 1860-1868.

Kana Births - 1902-1920

These can be searched by Anna Kasterina Pleve for a fee.  Contact her via her Facebook page.  (

     * Thanks to Ken Dill for this information.



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  • Viktor RUDI, who lives in Paderborn, Germany, seeks information on his family. Viktor is 28 years old and born in Barnaul, Siberia. His mother, Alwine RUDI (nee BILL) was born in Kana. Her father was Jakob BILL and her mother was Emma, nee SIEGFRIED.



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