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Ships Which Brought Our Ancestors to America is an ongoing project of Betty Miley Ashley. Information is from various sources including: ship passenger lists, family records, petitions for naturalization, and censuses. These are records for Lower Jeruslan people and their relatives. If you have information to add or corrections to make, please contact Betty.


Notes from Betty Ashley in 1998:

I have gone through the records collected over the years since I first began corresponding with those of you who were born in the Wiesenmuller area and those of you who are descendants of the immigrants.  The earliest record found in my files was from a descendant of Johannes BEHRIG who was 49 years old in December 1876 when he and his family traveled on the SS City of Richmond to New York City, NY.  Just a few months before that the first large group of Volga Deutsch from Kratzke, Saratov, Russia, had journeyed to Russell, Kansas.  Among that froup were many relatives of our Wiesenmuellern and their neighboring villages.

The last family I have records of (who arrived in America before most migration closed down completely from Russia) was the family of Adam PINNECKER which arrived in 1926 aboard the SS Albert Ballin.

If my notes are correct, Wiesenmuellerin were aboard the SS Haverford on three different voyages.  The SS Arabic II brought at least 2 different groups of our people.  The other ship named on our records in more or less chronological order were the STEAMSHIPS (Sses):

Saale, Rugia, Elizabeth Rickmers, Southwark, Missler, Phoenicia, Letonia, Augusta Victoria, Celtic, Cretic, Noordam, Frankfurt, Sicily, Ivernia, Canada, Merion, Caronia, friesland, Lusitania, Franconia, California, Eisenack, Main, Montclair, Thuringia.

Webmaster Note:  Since 1998 Betty has added much more information, as seen below.

More information from Glenn Sitzman: John Sitzman who married Marie Rohrig was born at Frank on 1 Apr 1881 and died at Greeley CO on 1 Aug 1967. On 10 Oct 1901, at Lincoln NE, he married Marie Rohrig who was born Wiesenmeller 8 July 1882 and died Greeley CO 17 Aug 1970. John was the son of Georg Zitzmann (1833-1887) and Catharina Reuter / Reiter. Marie was the daughter of Jacob Rohrig and Katharina Lich.                           

 More information from Kim Loges, great granddaughter of Jacob Rohrig, May 2010: 

        The above portion lists the Rohrig family as they cam through the port in Galveston in 1898. Jacob, the eldest son, is also listed here. However, Jacob  arrived in Lincoln, Nebraska, 6 years earlier. If one looks at the actual ship's manifest, one finds that the family is going to Lincoln to Jacob Rohrig (who has also paid for their passage). In addition, I've found Jacob Rohrig's name listed in the Lincoln City Directory as early as 1893. Here is what happened with Jacob. He was 19 years old and about to be drafted into the Russian Army. My grandfather always explained it that he stowed away aboard ship and had left home in a hurry. My great aunt, Emma, Jacob's only living daughter, has told me that her father immigrated with a Lich uncle. Jacob's mother was Katharina Barbara Lich. I have found the family of a Christian Lich on the ship's manifest of the SS Ems, which arrived in New York, April 26, 1892. At the end of the immediate Lich family is a "Jacob Lich," age 19. I can't prove it but I strongly suspect this is Jacob Rohrig. In the 1893 Lincoln, NE city directory, Christian Lich is listed as living near the intersection of West J St., and 1st, and Jacob "Rarig" is listed as a boarder at the same house. (Several editions of the city directory had trouble spelling his last name)."
  "Jacob's first wife was Maria Katharina Betz (or as the family knew her--Maria Katrina). Jacob and Maria Katrina were married in Lincoln in 1895. Their first daughter, Pauline, was born in 1897 in Lincoln. Among other occupations, Jacob built houses in the neighborhood. By 1907, he was involved with the building of the Friedens Lutheran Church at 6th and D in Lincoln. I have a photocopy of a few pages of the dedication ceremony which lists him, along with his picture, as the Baumeister of the building project. Then he moved to a farm near Holly, Colorado. Maria Katrina died in chidbirth in 1912. At that point there were 8 surviving children. In a few months time, Jacob re-married. His second wife was Anna Marie (Sauer) Schreiber, who was a widow with 3 surviving chldren. Six more children were born in Holly before the family moved to Greeley, Colorado, where Jacob and Anna Marie died."
 Fred--from the original family--married Joanna Habinger

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