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  The village Wiesenmüller was founded on November 27, 1857 by 7 families from the Mother colony Balzer.

On December 10, 1857 those first settlers were joined by 32 families from the villages Franzosen, Moor, and Grimm.

On January 23, 1858 75 families from Galka, Shcherbakovka, Stephan, Müller, Schwab and Holstein arrived in the village. Total population as of 23 Jan 1858: 770 souls.

According to Dr. Igor Pleve, data from the church records for Wiesenmuller are preserved from the moment of founding until the early 20th century - with the exception of a period in the 1860's which preserved almost no data on the girls born then. In addition, the church books of marriages were NOT kept.

Names for this village include: Kresti, Lugovoye, Lugovskay, Lugovskoi, Lugovskoye, and Wiesenmuller. After the 1941 deportation of the Volgo Germans, the village became known by the name Lugovskoi.  Today, what remains of the former Volga German settlement is called Lugovskoye.






General Village Information

Wiesenmüller lies on the Jeruslan River, a tributary of the Volga. It is 35 km from the Volga in the steppe. Today it is called Lugowoje. Six streets numbered 1 - 6. Big wide street called Ploschtjatj which was divided into two parts. One could drive in from Seelmann and then the street ran directly to the church and that was the third street. This beautiful church was destroyed in 1934 or 1935. Made into a club for the Soviets and then destroyed.

There were two stores in the town where necessities were available. There was a machine and tractor station and a cheese factory. I lived on Sixth Street in 1929 when we built the house - this is number 816. It was a nice town and was on the stream where the kids could bathe in the summer. In 1956 I visited the town. Much was destroyed. Even the graveyard. The whole town had strangers living there. My parent's house was still standing. In 1972 I went a second time and then my parent's house was gone. My heart was heavy when I left the town.

[Source: Alexander MUTH, born 30 Mar 1925 in Wiesenmüller and now living in Germany. Visited the village in 1956 and 1972.]



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